All prospective fitness partners will undergo an interview process. Intent is to help achieve a partners fitness goal and understand that a working trainer / partner relationship is key to success. Our assessment process is meant to:

  1. Gage partners level of commitment

  2. Ensure trainer / partner are a good fit for partner to achieve wellness goals

All packages below are for online training please email Shaun to get covid-19 compliant in person training pricing and availability

One on One Training

One hour fitness class designed to help you achieve your fitness health goals. This is the perfect option for someone with aggressive goals or who needs extra attention.

  • 1 Session $99 NOW $75

  • 5 Sessions $450 NOW $337

  • 10 Sessions $900 NOW $675

  • 20 Sessions $1600 NOW $1200

Group Classes

Fitness class designed to help you achieve your fitness health goals. This a more affordable option for someone who still who needs a trainer without the dent in their pocket. Spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve with all candidates undergoing an assessment process.

  • 1 Group class per person $30 NOW $22

  • 10 group classes per person $275 NOW $206

Independent Training

Online classes designed to help you achieve your fitness health goals at your own pace. These are a budget friendly option for someone who is self motivated.

  • 1 month of independent sessions $99 NOW $75

  • 6 months of independent sessions $500 NOW $375

  • 1 year of independent sessions $1000 NOW $750

Corporate Sessions

These sessions are tailored to promote team unity and strength. Focusing on promoting a healthy lifestyle which helps improve worker productivity, minimizes absenteeism and reduces health care costs.

  • Corporate self defense class $450 NOW $337

  • Corporate Fitness Session $300 NOW $225

    • 4 Corporate Fitness Sessions $1100 NOW $825